10+ Acrylic Paintings on canvas
soaked in the teals and blues of the ocean

invite you to an adventure

Let’s Go!

Do you love the Ocean?

I paint sea escapes because of the alluring wonder of the ocean in its unique chaotic peace, the tranquil exhilaration and soothing screams of wild ocean waves, the enigmatic wonderful world underneath the water, the seeming connection in the horizon of two worlds… sometimes the blues are so similar you barely see a fine line dividing sky from ocean.

It’s not just about its beauty,


it’s about the power it instills within when you stand before its presence; the thrill of adventure and joy while your immerse in it; the healing in your soul and clarity of thought when you sit on or walk along its shores.

The ocean, the beaches, our lakes and waters are truly special, and while I and many wonderful artists paint them, we’re only capturing glimpses of a vast beauty that delivers daily a magnificent art of its own. 

Let’s love it, enjoy it, save it!

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