To an artist of any field, every piece created carries a particular story to be told. Sometimes the story is personal, sometimes it’s borrowed, sometimes it’s fictional but its source comes from some real human experience.

When creating art, each piece becomes its own character; a unique one that can challenge you, mirror you, show you part of your best and worst, or lift you up like a friend and comfort you. It can rarely be indifferent. So let me tell you a little story of what 9 small paintings became and what they did for me… 

Sometime in early March 2020 I woke up feeling deeply grieved without reason. I wasn’t depressed or worried about any particular situation. For days I felt a strong sense of anticipation, yet also a sense of peace that everything would be alright but that whatever was coming I’d need to face it head on.

As I embarked on painting my already planned new collection, I couldn’t start with the vibrant colors and subject matter I had already chosen, none of it fit with me at all. I tried pushing through it but the creativity wasn’t flowing. I finally gave in and grabbed the colors I kept seeing in my mind’s eye, the ones I’d been resisting: soft pinks, corals, whites and creams with splashes of blues and teals, a total contrast from the ‘edgy’ set I had initially set out to deliver. I let go of my plans and expectations of how things should be. I allowed whatever my soul was craving to dictate the flow of my hands and this unexpected series came to life: A peaceful collection of tranquility, adventure and breakthrough combined. My despair was released while I worked on this canvases, and in return I came out of it restored, strengthened, and unknowingly at the time, ready to handle the storm that followed.

About 10 days after this experience, a most important figure in my life left us unexpectedly, the Coronavirus took over aspects of our collective routines, and our World started changing fast. 

Through it all, I never felt despair, I already lived that strong sense of deep grief way before it all started. Of course there have been emotions and even a few tears, but somehow strength, serenity and peace have remained steady through my daily practices, one of them being Art, as it is indeed a powerful tool to channel energy to ourselves and to others, not just when we allow it to flow as it may, but also in the way we use it to decorate our spaces.

When I see these pieces I’m reminded that somehow we’re guided, sometimes ahead of time, to find our strength within. They remind me that during extraordinary times we experience powerful breakthroughs. One way strength visits me is through art, it may come differently to you but the same strength is certainly available to all. 

What about you? Have you had a similar experience? I’d love to read your story… feel free to share.

I named this collection Air & Sea as it reminded me of the fun I had during air & sea shows in Florida and the relaxing feeling I get when I stand by the ocean with breeze on my face and toes in the water.
Close your eyes, you may just travel to your favorite beach… dip your toes in and breath it all in.

To view the complete collection visit my gallery and Let me know which one’s your favorite :).