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Hi, there!

I’m Lesley. I spend most of my time in my art studio in Hollywood, FL where I am constantly learning and exploring many things art and business, but my most favorite thing to do in the studio is… you guessed it, painting water! Every subject is unique and special, but painting seascapes is an adventure onto itself and although challenging they also provide a strong calming effect whilst being created. I strongly believe that that effect transcends in time onto the viewers, almost like a peaceful day at the beach. I also love letting loose creating (at times very weird) abstracts, they’re so fun. 

There are other things I love apart from painting, my world is highly creative. You can find out a little more in the paragraphs below.

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Artist Statement

I am an artist, a colorful dreamer, a deep lover of creativity.

I’m irresistibly attracted to colors and the creative process of various art forms.  Music, theater, dance, craft-making and the visual arts have been subjects of intense passion where I find joy and a deep sense of identity.  This led me to pursue a combined education in music, art & graphic design, and marketing.  The art of painting is a haven to my soul, an activity of paralleled challenge and peace, and where I translate thoughts and ideas into still image.

The inspirations behind my artwork come from personal experiences as well as of persons whose lives have impacted me.  I am also inspired by the awesome beauty of nature, touched by social issues, and enjoy putting onto paintings the power of my imagination.  I create fictional stories with words, which I then transpose into music or paintings.  These become pieces of an imaginary life or a glimpse of my truth, revealing thus the things I love, the joys and lows that inspire me, and the hope that soothes my soul.

My goal is that the deep comfort I feel while creating my work transcends to inspire healing, adventure, and generates thoughts of optimistic possibilities that we so need in our world.

My Muse, The Ocean

I paint sea escapes because of the alluring wonder of the ocean in its unique chaotic peace, the tranquil exhilaration and soothing screams of wild ocean waves, the enigmatic wonderful world underneath the water, the seeming connection in the horizon of two worlds… sometimes the blues are so similar you barely see a fine line dividing sky from ocean. 

But it's not just about its beauty. It’s about the power it instills within when you stand before its presence; the thrill of adventure and joy while your immerse in it; the healing in your soul and clarity of thought when you sit on or walk along its shores.

The ocean, the beaches, our lakes and waters are truly special, and while I and many wonderful artists paint them, we’re only capturing glimpses of a vast beauty that delivers daily a magnificent art of its own. Let's love it, enjoy it, save it!

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Behind The Scenes

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