The Artist

Artist Statement

I am an artist, a colorful dreamer, a deep lover of creativity.

I’ve always been irresistibly attracted to colors and the creative process of various art forms.  Music, theater, dance, craft-making and the visual arts have been subjects of intense passion where I find tremendous joy and a deep sense of identity.  This led me to pursue a combined education in music, art & graphic design, and marketing.  The art of painting is a haven to my soul, an activity of paralleled challenge and peace, and where I can translate thoughts and ideas into still image.

The inspirations behind my artwork come from personal experiences as well as of persons whose lives have impacted me.  I am also inspired by the awesome beauty of nature, touched by social issues, and enjoy putting onto paintings the power of my imagination.  I create fictional stories with words, which I then transpose into music or paintings.  In these I pour my soul and they become pieces of my imaginary life or a simple picture of my truth, revealing thus the things I love, the joys and lows that inspire me and the hope that soothes my soul.

I hope the joy and deep comfort I have felt while creating my work reaches your soul and takes you on a brief journey of memories and fantasies of the beauty of our colorful world.

Artist Bio

Miami artist with a portfolio of work that includes abstracts inspired by the untamed power of the ocean’s waves, enthralling seascapes, and memorable visions of the human form.

Lesley’s visual artwork is a combination of colors carefully chosen to aesthetically complement each other while allowing the artistic flow to remain free and highly creative. Her figurative series of lovers, painted in grayscale tones, exudes a magnetic visual poetry that captures the viewers’ imagination into becoming the subject of the paintings before them.

Lesley’s combined higher education in the fields of art & graphic design, music, and marketing management make her a powerful pocket of creative ideas. Many of her pieces have been displayed around South Florida at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale, KYU in Wynwood, CIRC Hotel in Hollywood, Kroma Gallery in Coconut Grove, The Moore Building at the Miami Design District, and decorate homes in as far as the United Kingdom. Lesley is dedicated to using her talents to enhance her audience’s experience in the arts and hopes her paintings will evoke a nostalgic yet happy memory, awaken a dream, and convey a deeper meaning and hope.

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